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by Adobe

The original purpose of this study, that has been long in the making, was to create a set of basic rules that would allow an easier understanding of the Youth Academy. We have also built a database that will help you decide on scout proposals - it does not include players with solid/excellent skillcap messages, as they mean an easy choice. The study is mostly complete and it only needs some further improvement. At this time, not all of the mentioned players have been promoted to their respective senior teams.

These conclusions have been reached by a group of Academy enthusiasts, most of whom are members of the Academia de Tineret Federation.

Why was the database built? There are a lot of different scout messages - but not an infinity! By analyzing a large number of players it can be noticed that scout messages become repetitive. The purpose of the database is to let you find players that are similar to the player offered by your youth scout and help you decide whether you accept him or not.

by ramonic

The Academy? Where's all the mystery? We get to discover, choose, train and promote players (with a bit of help from the youth staff). If scouts and coaches did all that, how would we ever have any fun? Could we just sit back, knowing our involvement is not needed?

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